The Internago two-step authentication process and how to activate it


If you are already using the Internago payroll platform you have most likely seen the implementation of our two-step authentication process. We hereby stress the importance to activate this on your account!

By implementing a two-step authentication process you significantly enhance the user security, below you will find all you need to know about it and how to get started.

The two-step authentication system (2FA) is a security process that requires the user to provide two different authentication factors to be able to verify their identity. By doing this you add an extra layer of security beyond just the username and password that you normally provide. When logging into an online account with 2FA enabled, the user first enter the password (something they know), and then receive a one-time code on their smartphone (something they have). Both the password and the code must be completed in order for the login process to be completed successfully.

So in order to login to Internago you will need to provide with a password and a one-time code originated in the authenticator application.

By using 2FA the risk of unauthorized access to accounts are significantly reduced, even if the passwords for some reason are compromised. The system is used to enhance security across various online services, such as email accounts, banking websites and social media platforms and is widely recommended as a best practice.

How to activate the two-step authentication?

It is very easy to activate the Internago 2FA, you just need to follow 3 steps:

Step 1: Download and install google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator or similar on your mobile device

Step 2:  Open the app and scan the QR-code provided when logging into Internago Web Portal

Step 3: Enter the 6 digit code provided by the app

By implementing the 2FA system you have in an effective way enhanced security and you are protecting sensitive information from unauthorized access.

An administrator at your company can also easily activate 2FA for users andor employees and if there is any questions Internago can activate the function for you, just contact us at

Interested in learning more? Please visit Internago or our Payroll Portal.

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