Payday in France: Legal Obligations and Employer Responsibilities

It goes without saying that payday is important, and this of course holds true in France as well! But did you know that you can be penalized if you don’t pay your employees on time? France has a robust framework of laws designed to protect employees from illegal practices and non-performance of contractual obligations. These […]

Mastering French Payroll: Partnering with Internago for Outsourcing Success

Exploring the realm of French payroll can feel similar to navigating a labyrinth in the dark. While this analogy might seem dramatic, the truth is, the complexity of French administration often leaves employees scratching their heads over their payslips. In a country known for its complex labour laws and regulatory intricacies, interpreting payroll processes can […]

Register as foreign employer

Employ and run payroll internationally without setting up a foreign company We often get the question from companies if they need to set up…