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Manage your payroll across multiple international markets with one online interface.

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Payroll and HR Management

International payroll can be challenging, but it is important and has to be done. And we have the perfect tool to help you with payroll and a variety of other HR tasks.

You can efficiently store and manage employee and payroll data in one place, controlled via one online interface. All you have to do is check and approve.

Expense management

We offer a standardised expense management tool that can work for all employees.

Share documents

With our sharing tool you can have employment contracts and all other relevant documents in one place.

Payroll workflow

Our workflow can be fully configured to handle your specific needs and processes, including multiple approvers.

Payslip distribution

Your employees can access their current and historical electronic payslips easily and securely directly on the platform.

Payroll dashboard

With the Internago platform you use one interface to get an overview of all your payroll processes on multiple markets.


Your employees can register working time, enter holidays and other absences directly into the portal for you to approve or decline. You will have access to an overview for every employee.


Expense Management

Sick of handling excel sheets and emails with expense reports?

Our built-in expense management tool standardises this work for all your employees and on all your international markets.

Using a simple online access, it provides a quick overview of all your expenses. With a smooth and easy registration process, as well as a rapid and easy handling and approval of errands, your previous time is saved, and your company’s internal efficiency is increased.

Share documents

Don’t remember where you stored that employment contract? With Share documents you will have all your sensitive and important documents in one place.

You can share the documents directly with your colleagues or external collaborators through hyperlinks accessible only by permitted personnel.

Additionally, this tool allows you to access all files in one place, which means you spend less time searching for information and more time focussing on your job. We support all types of files like PDF, Word, JPEG etc. and our log feature makes it transparent who has added, deleted, or made any changes to files.


Payroll workflow

Many organisations have multiple approving managers and several different roles.

A local director that may handle the absence management for his or her employees, but it is the responsibility of central HR to manage payroll and absences of that local director.

As all our customers have their specific requirements, we have created an advanced configuration tool to handle your organisation’s specific needs and payroll workflow. This will eliminate the risk of error and make your payroll workflow more efficient and secure.

Payslip distribution

Your employees are able to access all monthly payslips in an easy way.

All monthly payslips are accessible on the Internago portal for your employees to access at any time.

Your employees are able to access monthly payslips from the same system in an easy and secure way. This is a time saving function that significantly reduces risks associated by sending payslips in other manners.

Payroll dashboard

With Internago’s payroll portal, you have the perfect tool to manage your international employees in one single interface.

It’s simple to use and gives your company the possibility to use the same system for your domestic and international employees. You will get notifications and messages on actions to take related to your payroll processes.

All is done directly on the portal. By handling everything in the same place your management and HR will have a clear calendar overview of all employees which significantly improves personnel planning.


Does your company need an effective time registration solution for employees?

With the timesheet function in the Internago payroll portal, your employees can register working time, absence, vacation and other deviations directly on the platform.

You can easily control, approve or decline all data registered in a simple way in the same system and with a clear overview, this reduces the risk of losing data and enhances communication in an effective way.

What's next?

Internago offers a wide range of services ‎to support your international business. Our experts are available to answer your questions on our payroll services, to arrange a demo of our portal, and generally to guide you.