Navigating Spain’s Pension System

Understanding Spain’s retirement system is crucial for both current and future retirees. Pensions serve as a vital financial safety net, offering stability and security after years of work. The quality of retirement largely hinges on the adequacy and reliability of the pension system. Therefore, it’s essential for individuals to grasp its intricacies to make informed […]

Payday in France: Legal Obligations and Employer Responsibilities

It goes without saying that payday is important, and this of course holds true in France as well! But did you know that you can be penalized if you don’t pay your employees on time? France has a robust framework of laws designed to protect employees from illegal practices and non-performance of contractual obligations. These […]

Exploring the depths of the French pension system

In 2023, millions of French citizens took to the streets to protest against proposed pension reforms, specifically the plan to raise the retirement age to 64. This move was perceived as a threat to hard-earned retirement security. France’s welfare state, renowned for its extensive social protections including pensions, is seen by many as a fundamental […]

Registering as a Foreign Employer in the Netherlands

Expanding your business into the Netherlands offers access to a dynamic and business-friendly market in the heart of Europe. If you have read our previous blog about registering as a foreign employer vs. setting up a legal entity and your preferred choice is registering as a foreign employer, then this blog is for you! Registering […]

A Guide to France’s 2024 Payroll Regulations

Payroll regulations in France for international payroll companies

Did you know that France has some of the most extensive payroll regulations in Europe? Navigating these regulations can be challenging (see blog about outsourcing French payroll), especially for international businesses. With changes made every year to improve working conditions, staying compliant is crucial to avoid costly fines and legal disputes. Our blog is your […]

Guide to Dutch Employment Contracts and Agreements

Employment contracts and agreements in the Netherlands

Introduction Are you considering implementing your business in the Netherlands? Entering a new market is challenging (see our blog about how to enter a new market), especially when understanding the Dutch employment landscape. Employment contracts in the Netherlands require precise compliance with legal requirements. Negotiations and agreement processes can be time-consuming as they require meticulous […]

Mastering French Payroll: Partnering with Internago for Outsourcing Success

Exploring the realm of French payroll can feel similar to navigating a labyrinth in the dark. While this analogy might seem dramatic, the truth is, the complexity of French administration often leaves employees scratching their heads over their payslips. In a country known for its complex labour laws and regulatory intricacies, interpreting payroll processes can […]

Fair Pay Across Europe: Exploring Minimum Wage Dynamics and Challenges

minimum wage in European union

As the European election campaign on June 9th gains momentum, discussions around minimum wage are taking centre stage. Advocates for a common European minimum salary argue for its importance in combating pay inequality and boosting workers’ purchasing power. With an increasing number of European countries adopting minimum wage policies, understanding these dynamics is crucial for […]

A Guide to Registering as a Foreign Employer in Finland

Are you considering expanding your business to Finland? With its vibrant economy and skilled workforce, Finland offers promising opportunities for foreign employers. However, navigating the complexities of Finnish employment regulations can be tricky. This blog will help you to walk through the steps to successfully hire employees in Finland by registering as a foreign employer […]