Setting up a company in Sweden – this is what you should know

Setting up a company in Sweden – this is what you should know

March 22, 2019 || ReportsLegal

Over 14 000 foreign companies in Sweden

Sweden is an attractive market for foreign companies. Politically stable and economically very attractive with strong consumer purchasing power and internationally competitive industry. The number of foreign-owned companies in Sweden increased by 277 during 2017 (latest available data from Tillväxtanalys). Following the increase, there are now 14,388 foreign-owned companies in Sweden. There are almost 700,000 employees working for foreign-owned companies in Sweden.

Form and register a new company in Sweden

Internago helps you to start and register a new company in Sweden. The first thing to do is to choose the type of company you want, and we will create the documents that are needed for it to be registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office – Bolagsverket. Internago has extensive experience with company registrations and company formation and has helped many international companies to establish their subsidiaries in Sweden.

Register a new limited liability company

A limited liability company (AB) may have one or more owners, physical or legal. The owners do not have personal responsibility. The financial risk at stake is the share capital, which must amount to at least SEK 50,000. The name protection for the company name is nationwide. It is important to know that if you choose to form a completely new limited liability company, the company will become a separate legal entity with an organization number only after registration with the Swedish Companies Registration Office. The processing time usually takes a maximum of 2-3 weeks from the time the documents are submitted to the Swedish Companies Registration Office (Bolagsverket). If you need to get started right away and want a company with a complete corporate identity number, we recommend that you order a shelf company. T

How to form a Swedish limited liability company?

There are mainly two common alternatives for forming a Swedish limited liability company:

Register companies by editing the bylaws and deposit the share capital into the bank account

When we form a company on your behalf, Internago ensures that all the documents required for the formation are correct and according to your specifications. In the company formation process we also make a comprehensive company name review and recommend alternative names if needed. A new company is formed by establishing the bylaws and then making a share capital deposit in a bank account. Internago will help you finding the right bank for your needs. The bank then issues a liquidity certificate proving this. Once the bank certificate is ready, the registration can be made at the Swedish Bolagsverket, which handles all Swedish company registrations.

Start quickly with a shelf company

An alternative to forming a new company is to acquire a shelf company. This is very common in Sweden. The advantage of acquiring a shelf company is that the business can start functioning at once and that the company already has an organization number. This means that you have the opportunity directly to sign contracts with the company, such as renting local or entering into commercial contracts. This is a very common form of establishment in Sweden, as it minimizes time and administration.


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