Internago Launches Integration with Silae Payroll System: A Step Towards Frictionless Payroll Management

Internago is proud to announce the latest enhancement to our web portal: the integration with Silae, the renowned French payroll software.

In the ever-evolving world of payroll management, businesses seek solutions that streamline processes and secure sensitive information. Understanding these needs, Internago has taken a significant leap forward by embedding an API integration with Silae into the latest version of our web portal. This pioneering integration is not only a feature, it is a transformative tool designed to elevate the efficiency, security, and usability of payroll projects for our users and payroll agents.

Direct Access to Payslips and Payroll Reports

With this new development, accessing payslips and payroll reports is as simple as a click. Users can now download these critical documents directly from Silae through the Internago portal. This seamless connection does more than just save time, it also ensures that data is transferred securely and reduces the risk of breaches that can occur with manual handling.

Enhanced Security

Data security cannot be overstated in the domain of payroll. Our integration with Silae employs robust security protocols, ensuring that all payroll-related data remains confidential and protected against unauthorized access.

Usability and Efficiency: Core Principles

The fusion of Internago’s portal with Silae’s software aligns with our mission to make payroll as frictionless as possible. It enhances usability for our clients, allowing them to navigate the complexities of payroll with ease. Efficiency is also significantly boosted and what once was time consuming can now be accomplished in moments.

Streamlining Payroll Across Multiple Markets

For businesses operating across various markets, consistency in payroll management is vital. Internago’s integration with Silae offers a centralized overview and control of the payroll process, no matter the number of markets involved. This uniformity is crucial for compliance, reporting, and ensuring that employees are paid accurately and on time.

Our Vision for the Future

As Internago continues to pioneer in the payroll services industry, our commitment to innovation remains unwavering. We envision a world where payroll management is a smooth, transparent, and secure process that supports the overall strategy of businesses globally. The integration with Silae is a testament to our dedication to this vision—making payroll management not just a necessity but a strategic advantage.

Internago is your trusted partner, supporting you in your international and local payroll as well as bookkeeping services.

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