Internago launches B2B Management Platform

Internago launches B2B Management Platform

September 19, 2018

Where is the latest version of our distributor agreement? When does it expire?

Our customers often talk about how they need a better solution to administrate and control their B2B environment. Today they store important contracts and agreements in mailboxes, randomly on a server or on their local hard drive. They lack a system that handles and sorts these important documents, as well as keeping key B2B information up to date.

In addition to the Internago Web Portal for online incorporation we are therefore proud to launch the Internago B2B management solution that enables you, and your organization to store and control all legal and commercial contracts, agreements and key B2B contacts in one place.

Internago has developed a solution that allows you to get in control of all your B2B partners in a simple and user-friendly system. With our solution you can:

Store and update important legal agreements and contracts
Share information and documents with different departments in a safe and controlled way, avoiding excessive emailing
Receive an alarm when you need to update your legal agreements, or pay follow up an invoice
Share, and keep important B2B contacts up to date
Sort and define type of B2B partner based on the relation they have with your organization (legal, business, governmental, member or internal)
Upload and share marketing and sales material to your agents, distributors or resellers to make sure they present your company’s products and services with the latest information

Are you interested in getting in control of your B2B environment? Then please send an email to:, and take the opportunity to become a tester for 30 days.

Of course it’s for free – we only ask for your feedback in return!


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