A Guide to France’s 2024 Payroll Regulations

Payroll regulations in France for international payroll companies

Did you know that France has some of the most extensive payroll regulations in Europe? Navigating these regulations can be challenging (see blog about outsourcing French payroll), especially for international businesses. With changes made every year to improve working conditions, staying compliant is crucial to avoid costly fines and legal disputes. Our blog is your […]

Guide to Dutch Employment Contracts and Agreements

Employment contracts and agreements in the Netherlands

Introduction Are you considering implementing your business in the Netherlands? Entering a new market is challenging (see our blog about how to enter a new market), especially when understanding the Dutch employment landscape. Employment contracts in the Netherlands require precise compliance with legal requirements. Negotiations and agreement processes can be time-consuming as they require meticulous […]

Mastering French Payroll: Partnering with Internago for Outsourcing Success

Exploring the realm of French payroll can feel similar to navigating a labyrinth in the dark. While this analogy might seem dramatic, the truth is, the complexity of French administration often leaves employees scratching their heads over their payslips. In a country known for its complex labour laws and regulatory intricacies, interpreting payroll processes can […]

Fair Pay Across Europe: Exploring Minimum Wage Dynamics and Challenges

minimum wage in European union

As the European election campaign on June 9th gains momentum, discussions around minimum wage are taking centre stage. Advocates for a common European minimum salary argue for its importance in combating pay inequality and boosting workers’ purchasing power. With an increasing number of European countries adopting minimum wage policies, understanding these dynamics is crucial for […]

A Guide to Registering as a Foreign Employer in Finland

Are you considering expanding your business to Finland? With its vibrant economy and skilled workforce, Finland offers promising opportunities for foreign employers. However, navigating the complexities of Finnish employment regulations can be tricky. This blog will help you to walk through the steps to successfully hire employees in Finland by registering as a foreign employer […]

The Swedish Model: A Guide to Parental Leave and Family Support

In Sweden, family values run deep and progressive parental leave policies flourish. Join us on this journey as we explore how Sweden’s innovative approach is leading the charge, inspiring nations worldwide to follow suit in creating a more equitable and inclusive future for all families. A Tradition of Equality Sweden’s approach to parental leave is […]

Nurturing Families: Italy’s Evolution in Parental Leave Policies

As a company with deep roots in Swedish culture, we are inspired to uphold the values of inclusivity and support, particularly regarding parental leave laws and traditions. It is important to recognize and appreciate every positive stride made in this area. Let’s embrace and celebrate the ongoing efforts and determination aimed at fostering a more nurturing […]

Empowering Families: A Deep Dive into Parental Leave and Reforms in France

parental leave, payroll

As a Swedish company with a fondness for progressive parental leave policies, it is essential to recognize advancements toward greater equality in parental leave practices in other markets. In this blog, we will shine a spotlight on France and its parental leave regulations, while also exploring recent reforms aimed at enhancing the environment for families. Parental leave […]

Understanding Betriebliche Altersvorsorge (bAV): A Guide to Workplace Pensions in Germany

From last weeks blog about foreign employer, we are sticking around in Germany for another round! This time, we are diving into the thrilling world of pension planning! In today’s ever-changing economic landscape, planning for retirement has become more crucial than ever. In Germany, one of the pillars of retirement planning is the Betriebliche Altersvorsorge, commonly […]

A Guide to Registering as a Foreign Employer in Germany

Germany, renowned for its robust economy, skilled workforce, and strategic positioning at the heart of Europe, stands as a beacon for foreign enterprises seeking expansion opportunities. However, before embarking on your entrepreneurial journey in Germany, understanding the registration process and adhering to legal requirements are paramount. Whether you are deliberating between creating a legal entity […]